Movie Review: Next

This science fiction thriller is pretty great…. at least it seemed to be with the trailers.
The whole idea of clairvoyance is pretty interesting and Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage), aka. Frank Cadillac, who can see two minutes into the future for his own life… except that he can see into one single person outside that two minute window and that would be Liz (Jessica Biel). Unfortunately, with those types of gifts, one must hide them and in plain view is the best way. So Johnson has a magic show act in Vegas where he does what people think are “cheap parlor tricks.”
His whole life changes when the FBI (Julianne Moore) start trying to chase him to help with a nuclear bomb and refuses to take no for an answer on helping.
Personally, I thought the plot for Next [affiliate] needed some work. It wasn’t the worst case, but it could have been a way better movie. They turned the FBI into the bad guys for most of the movie and the ending (without spoiling it) was pretty darn cheesy.
Throughout the movie, you were like… why did this person do this, or that person do that. Thus, very unrealistic, which isn’t the questions you want a moviegoer to actually ask. You want them to be entrenched in the storyline and be so engrossed that they don’t ask these questions.
I’d be curious as to how this movie lines up with The Golden Man by Phillip K. Dick. Apparently being based off of it, it should be good right? Hopefully the movie doesn’t parallel the book. A really good way to figure out if things are as good as they are in the movies as books? If the movie has characters that are exactly drawn out as the description by the book, then it’s bound to be at least an accurate if not great movie. Devil is in the details, so the saying goes. Or something like that anyways.