Movie Review: 1408

I rented 1408 (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition) [affiliate] from my favorite rental place. But boy did I miss out seeing this in the theater. This was a good horror or thriller or whatever you wish to call it. There are images of violent acts or terror, but this was rated PG-13 so it wasn’t as gory as rated R horror flicks are these days. And great because of that since it was absolutely fantastic.
The plot involves Mike Enslin (Cusack) whom is a small time author that writes about scary places. He doesn’t believe in them and didn’t think anything of it when invited to room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel in New York City. The general manager, Gerald Olin (Jackson), tries everything in his power to persuade Mr. Enslin from not staying in the room but Enslin would have none of it. And thus, the story of the evil room begins and entwines Enslin into it.
It’s based on a Stephen King short story, but I have to say that my first images from the trailers reminded me of Silent Hill 4: The Room. After watching the entire movie, I am definite that there are many parallels with the Playstation 2 game. If you’re a big fan of horror/thriller games and have played The Room, then you’ll have no troubles with loving this movie and vice versa. It was in the same mannerism for sure.
If you’ve rented or bought the Unrated version, then you’ll be in for a treat for the alternate ending. While test audiences didn’t approve of the ending because of the more “down” style of ending, it was definitely more in the style of what King would have written (having not read the short story). A definite two thumbs up for this one.