“Minority Report” for terrorists in reality

It seems that the University of Buffalo computer scientists have been developing a system that track biometrics and behaviors and providing indicators that could detect terrorists before they commit an act.
While this system seems to make sense since human screeners are more prone to error than a system, and humans get tired while a machine does not, this system has a lot of scary things going on for it.
If you’ve seen the science fiction thriller Minority Report based on the short story by the same name by Phillip K. Dick, then you’ll know how arresting people before they commit crimes might become a true.
And that’s a scary thought.
The worst part is that the researchers have cautioned that the technology is not replacement for human judgment even though the system does learn over time based on the data given. But if there’s any people that could be less than competant and allowing the technology to take over, it would be the government. Don’t believe me? Then explain how this could have happened.
This is great science, but you’re almost hesitant to use it because of all the baggage it comes with. This will have advocacy groups all over it when it is tested just like the screening system that could see people naked a while back.
Scary stuff. Seriously.