Lego Star Wars – Death Star II

LEGO Star Wars - Death Star II
If you’ve never heard of the Death Star, especially if you’re of my generation, you should be ashamed.
In fact, who doesn’t know of the Death Star? The Empire’s planet killer?
Well now you can own it. Well, not quite IT.. but a replica of it. And build it in Legos. And who doesn’t like Legos?
This unfinished Death Star model is scaled along with an Imperial Star Destroyer to show the giant size of it. It includes all of the fun stuff including the tractor beams, deflector shield generators, and laser cannons, ion cannons, and of course the super laser that was to take out Endor in one giant awesome blast.
The LEGO Star Wars – Death Star II [affiliate] will run you a great pretty penny. Around $250USD. But if you’re in love with Star Wars and collect all those things that are Star Wars related, then there you go.