How to tell your senior management doesn’t care about your job

It’s interesting that I’ve never read this before ever, but yet anyone that has worked for a technology company can tell you… the senior management couldn’t care less about your job. Why? Have you ever noticed that when the going is good, they add hundreds of jobs, but when the going gets tough, they lay off hundreds or thousands? Why is this? Job cutting and restructuring is not a method for “saving money”. I can tell you from first hand experience that a company that restructures every two years is very inefficient.
So why is this? It’s because the senior management is trying to give analysts something to show for their lack of incompetency. Job cuts are the quickest way to effect your expenses, but also hurts you in the short and long term due to bad workforce moral, and shows that you take the easy way out.
But no one hold senior management accountable for the job loss. No one says, “hey… these guys didn’t use this as a last resort, they’re just cutting people’s lifelines to make the stock price look good for the next six months.” No one gives these guys a bad reputation or name. They just move on in five years to another senior management position in a totally different industry because we all know that managing companies is the same all around, right?
Wrong. These people should be held accountable. Take a look at what is arguably the top three technology firms today: Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Their job growth is pretty subdued because they control the intake of talent. Notice that Microsoft has for years, been using contractors as the temporary workforce in case things got tough. If they could handle more permanent jobs, they would eventually draw in those contractors. Everywhere else, it’s the same… a controlled method of job intake. It’s amazing how this little indicator can show you the difference between a great senior management team and the rest of the corporate management buffoons.
Strange isn’t it. Layoffs are a terrible thing. But it’s even worse when you read about CEOs getting millions in bonuses for cutting thousands of jobs and “saving” the company. How is that fair? So be forewarned: if your senior management has in the past cut jobs before… look out. It could happen to you.