Game Review: Medal of Honor: Vanguard

It’s one of those WWII games that just keep getting more and more realistic as the generations of game consoles advance. While it’s not as good in graphics, there are parts of this game that are practically ridiculous when it comes to advancing without dying.
The controls are with the Wii Remote and the Nunchuks. Usual playing style with pointing of the Remote and the Nunchuks that drive movement. I have to say that most of the controls are fairly well driven although the reload would interfere 180 degree turn around. In that essence, it was sort of annoying.
If you’re fond of WWII games, this is still worth messing with. There are multiple operations that you can participate in and each of them focus on different terrains (countries) that went against the Nazis. The wavering of the sniper rifle scope shots were sort of unrealistic, and sometimes the AI would just sit there and let you shoot them.
The nice part of it? The environment variables. Maybe it’s been a while since I’ve actually played a FPS, but I really liked the fact that the sunlight would blind you at different angles and that if it was really bright outside, the inside would be really dark because of the contrast of light.
This was your usual multiplayer selection with a few more games to choose from. I can say for a fact that you shouldn’t play on any television less than a 32″ though. Even that would be a little bit small. The main reason is this. The split for one against one is vertical. Now it’s not because it’s vertical split that makes it tough. It’s the environment variables. If one person is in the bright sunlight, and the other is hiding in a darker area… the person in the darker area can’t see a thing. Why? Simple fact of light bleeding. Your eyes can’t focus just like in reality when sunlight is very very bright and you’re trying to look for something that’s not within the bright areas. Ever been hit by a ball coming out from the sun in sports? Same thing.
Overall, I found Medal of Honor: Vanguard [affiliate] to be one pretty decent game for the Wii. Forewarning though. Those playing the last mission The Crucible beware! That level is one hellish level to beat. The sniper alley especially.
Otherwise, onward as Sergeant Keagan, of the 82nd Airborne!