Free $20 Apple Gift Card!

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!
Until November 26, 2007, Parallels is giving away a $20 Apple gift card if you purchase Parallels 3.0. If you purchase the upgrade, then you get a $10 Apple gift card.
If you haven’t used Parallels at all on your Mac, this should be the time to leap. Parallels isn’t the only virtualization software for Mac, but it definitely is unique in the way it interacts with MacOSX. Coherence basically can run any Windows application just as a MacOSX application would against your Dock. No need to see the desktop if you don’t wish to see it. You can even synchronize both the MacOSX and Windows desktops together so the icons show on both and you can share files and such right across the board. This makes for a pretty seamless integration of both Mac and PC.
If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth your time to get this if you’re an avid Mac user but you need this, or that application without having to reboot into Windows all the time. Parallels is your answer. And you get a free gift card out of it if you act soon.