ConvergeSouth first looks

The third annual ConvergeSouth, it’s been a long week for me. I haven’t worked on this conference as much as the last couple years but we’ve finished Jason Calacanis’ keynote.
Now we’re looking listening to Dan Conover, Will Bunch, and Joe Killian on old media to new media.
I know that there are some friends that are wondering about Jason and Mahalo. Sorry guys, but from what I can tell, Jason’s pretty down-to-earth. His blog doesn’t reflect his personality IRL. I will say that he did throw some interesting attitudes at how to start a business and how much effort it takes (it takes the same effort for the moon shot business goal than the small business so if you’re interested, take the moon shot goal).
Most of the conversation was about his background, and how to go towards business models. I think that’s something that most entrepeneurs need to know if they didn’t before. And for the young people that are interested in doing something…. GO DO IT. Funny how I’ve also had many people that have told me that they would love to be this or that, but they have no experience and they’re hard working. It’s all about what you do in life, not what you can do. Take the leap.
In any case, I’ll probably throw out some more thoughts on this throughout the day while I digest the thought processes going through the audience in the third annual ConvergeSouth.