Anime Watch: Noein

This anime had just released the end of its series in Volume 5, which makes the entire series complete in twenty four episodes. Definitely a pretty fantastic sci-fi anime.
The plot itself consists of two different time periods. The first is fifteen years in the future, where a possible future, La’cryma is under attack by another dimension, Shangri’la. All existence might be in jeopardy and thus, the Dragon Cavalry is called out to find the Dragon Torque over space time to stop Shangri’a. Interestingly enough, it is found as Haruka as a twelve year old, whom doesn’t exist in the future of the Dragon Knights anymore, but Yuu does as Karasu.
The whole thing was very much like the television show Sliders with a more scientific twist. It based judgment of actions by showing that for every choice that is made, there is an infinite number of futures that could branch out due to the particular choice itself. Thus, your future was predestined based on your will to choose. Or something like that. In any case, it was pretty good anime although it has its very sad moments when you start drawing the parallels between the La’cryma characters and those of the present day.
The entire set has been released:

Fortunately for me, [affiliate] had the entire series for rent so it made it a lot easier to watch it while the DVDs were released in the US.