Anime Watch: Ergo Proxy

Been a couple of weeks since I finshed Ergo Proxy, but it’s taken a while to find the time to compile my thoughts on this anime. This science fiction supense series has you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what’s going on the whole time. In fact, there can be many parallels drawn between this and the film, Bladerunner.
The main storyline surrounds Vincent Law, whom is an immigrant that is working for the AutoReivs Control Division. This division hunts AutoReivs that have been infected by the cogito virus. He is one of those quiet types that you never look at but has some deeply troubled emotions, that eventually tie him to a Proxy. In this journey, while he seeks himself, he is accompanied by Pino, an infected AutoReiv that is very cute and has an amazing will as well as a child-like innocence. Inspector Re-i Mayer of the Citizen Intelligence Bureau tracks Vincent and eventually joins his party on this quest to figure out the ties between Proxies, the domed cities, and the Cogito virus.
What’s amazing about this anime is the mere fact that it has many many mythology and philosophical trivia as well as layers of symbolism. Those that are trained in Latin, will find that the cogito virus is named after Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am). What’s more is that the ending, without giving it away, can be taken to be several different meanings.
When it comes to series, I was sort of sad that this ended in only twenty three episodes, although the ending was well done and didn’t feel like it was being cut short or anything like that. There were still many questions that were not answered in this series, but it left it open for perhaps a sequel series.
One last thing. The opening sequence for Ergo Proxy is an amazing experience. It’s one of the few that give the impression of a goth or emo music video and is probably one of the best openers I’ve seen. That should give you an idea of the quality of the anime since it’s pretty much dark, yet thoughtful throughout its entirety.
The complete series: