Adult Swim not capitalizing on Death Note?

deathnote.jpg I really don’t get it.
Adult Swim announced that was airing Death Note a while back and it showed up on the schedule. I actually was just looking for some Bleach scheduling and wandered upon it.
What’s strange is that it had to cost them a lot of money to get this, but yet there hasn’t been many if at all commercials about it. The reason for cost? It’s one of the hottest animes in Japan currently and is one of the top-selling manga. Even Cory Doctorow loved it and wrote an interesting post about it on BoingBoing a while back.
So without marketing, will this be another reason for those guys to put down the anime sections because ratings are low? This could be similar to the whole Trinity Blood fiasco where there was much complaint about the ratings, but no one knew it was even being aired. As of Tuesday, Adult Swim still did not have em>Death Note listed on their website as a show, and yet was showing the premiere in the videos.
Sloppy, really sloppy in promotions.