Your rights to refuse to show receipts at stores

If you didn’t know this already, here’s a little tidbit of information for you. You know how certain electronic stores (such as Circuit City or Best Buy or others) ask to see your receipt and items? If you don’t show it, they have no legal right to detain you unless they suspect you of shoplifting. Then the search can only be done by a police officer. Even a police officer has no right to ask for your driver’s license (this is news to me) if you’re not driving a vehicle.

When a police officer arrived, Righi refused to hand over his driver’s license and the officer arrested him. Righi maintained police had no right to ask for a driver’s license from a person not driving a car, a contention backed up later by legal experts.

I’m no legal expert, but that’s in accordance to those that have a better background in law than myself that have participated in the discussions on this topic. Exceptions to the rule? Wholesale clubs have membership rules that require the receipt check.
Go figure that. Of course, unless you’re a super “rights” freak and you have to fight the man all the time, it’s probably easier to get on with your life by flashing that little piece of white paper.