Your Mac’s Super quiet mode

superquiet.jpg Not really sure why you would want to use this, but apparently if you turn your volume all the way down on your keyboard, and then hit the mute key, you turn on super-quiet mode. There will be a sliver of audio that comes out and you can hear it by muting and unmuting.
The question is… why? I’m hypothesizing, but I’m willing to bet that the leak of audio is based on the double negation. So when you mute your speaker, you’re telling the electronics to set the volume to zero. When you turn it to zero on your volume, the same occurs. So in fact, there could be a double negation factor in the digital logic that operates the speakers. Thus, having some leakage of audio actually making it out since it knows it’s supposed to be “mute” but both the volume and the mute button is telling it to mute. This also means that the mute button operates outside of the volume control. Crazy isn’t it. At least that’s my thoughts on it.