Why Microsoft stealth updates could become a privacy concern

Microsoft - Windows Marketplace It looks like it’s been confirmed that Microsoft pushes stealth updates. Happens on both XP and Vista. It’s supposed to be for updating the Windows Updater, which technically makes a lot of sense. But, shouldn’t you be able to turn it off? And shouldn’t it NOT update if you have automatic updates turned off?
Well, apparently not so fast. Which is scary. Not because of what Microsoft is doing. It’s because of what other things that could happen through this backdoor “updating”. Think of it. Just because your computer is on the Internet, without your knowledge, hackers to have your Windows Update “update” itself with something that runs something else. Or remember back in the day when the feds had DCS? You could literally install that through Microsoft’s Windows Updater as long as it was connected.
That’s a seriously scary thought. Of course, all of this is hypothetical based only on what “could” be done without actually seeing any code or see the results of a security firm actually look through the updater binaries to see if it can be broken down in such a fashion. Very scary. Good thing I don’t leave my virtual XP machine up all the time.
And easiest way to have Microsoft fix this? Notification of the Windows Updater, updating. Just like every other patch or fix.