Why does big business disregard Asian small businesses?

Sometimes things like this make absolutely no sense to me. Lately, there’s been a lot of growth in the whole push on Hispanic small businesses. On one scale, this bugs me due to the illegal immigration, but that’s a story in itself. The real annoyance here is the failure by bigger businesses to recognize other minorities that are or have a similar need.
What am I talking about? Asian small businesses.
Microsoft today released a press release on a Hispanic language pack and MSN Latino amongst other things. Only but a couple days ago, I was looking at HP’s site and they had a specially custom built desktop with Spanish Office, and Spanish Internet Explorer. And what really annoys me isn’t the fact that Latinos get it. Fine, whatever.
But guess what? Asians occupy much of the west coast. Yet, I’ve never seen in my life the amount of support from bigger businesses to frame their products in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Dual language signs? Special language packs? No, we never got any of that. And this is coming from places like California, and Washington, where the Asian population is vast and plentiful. So the questions start rolling:

  • So how come other minorities are disregarded in this aspect?
  • Are Asian small businesses not important?
  • Why must native speakers of Asian languages have to do business in English type programs and office suites when Latinos do not?

And the list goes on and on. Does it bug me? Oh yeah. Makes me very annoyed even though I personally was born and bred here in the States and have no issues with communications in English. Maybe in the end, it’s a problem of the whole squeaky wheel gets the grease. But in a time where there’s a cry for equality, there is no justice here. Equal? Yeah right. And I’m a flying monkey.