Why can’t you just pay your parking tickets?

250px-Parking_citation.jpg Originally, I didn’t want to talk about this. Not when I read about how much of a jerk this guy is for not only getting away with not paying his parking tickets but having the nerve of saying how he doesn’t like the “bullies” in the collections department of the city. Seriously.
But when John brought it up again, with a reader of the News & Record saying how an attorney should be a model citizen, I just couldn’t contain myself any longer.
Okay… first of all, there’s a reason why there’s a bad stereotype of attorneys. The guy on the Sunday front page? He fits that negative stereotype to the letter. And no, I’m not going to use his name since it’ll just be another ego booster. Second of all, there’s this little bitty thing that people fail to realize when they’re reading this and not from here. Parking tickets in this city?
They’re a whopping FIVE DOLLARS.
Meters? A quarter gets you an hour. After 6PM, most parking areas are free downtown. The only reason I even know that the parking tickets are five dollars is that I got one once while parked in a garage. The type that you pay on the way out. Yes, the South is sometimes backasswards. Coming from a big city and having visited many places, I’ve never heard of parking tickets when you had to pay to get out of the garage. But I digress. It’s cheap. REALLY cheap. So this guy is might get off from paying the tickets because it’s too late? Well guess what, that’s a fault of the city’s then. Either way though, it makes this guy look like a jerk.
I did a quick calculation. $2300 fine over a year by $5 is 460 times. Now this is an inflated number since there are late fees and other types of things that compound on one single ticket. But to rack up a four figure number in parking tickets? In a small town? Give me a break. This isn’t Chicago, where parking costs $25 a day and tickets range in a league of their own. $2300? Plainly pathetic.
But what do I know? I paid my five dollars, way back in the day.