Wells Fargo uses annoying telemarketer firm that calls you daily

4022232040.JPG (402) 223-2040. I hate this number and it’s only been three straight days.
Why? They keep calling and do the whole “hang-up” type calling. If you don’t have something to say, quit using your really bad dialing software. The caller ID showing Custom Response apparently has had some attention too. It’s annoyed many many others.
From the forums, it seems like the number is registered to a:

Custom Response Teleservices
2015 North 6th Street
Beatrice, NE (Nebraska) 68310-1236
Phone: (402) 223-2040

Further investigation reveals that CRT Inc, a telemarketing firm, is under contract with Wells Fargo Bank. Well this explains a lot, after looking at a couple complaints on Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 402-223-2040 2007-07-06
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Custom Response 2007-05-22
Wells Fargo Custom Response 2007-08-15

It seems that Wells Fargo is in a practice of hiring subcontracted firms to bug you about home mortgages but only if you pick up quickly enough. Otherwise, you get a barrage of daily phone calls. Shameful.
What’s more amusing is the fact that we do have business with Wells Fargo. No offense, Wells Fargo, but I’m taking my business elsewhere. We don’t need annoying calls and there are other banks out there that won’t bother me unless I request it. And in hiring subs, you should know better to do some checking up on the people you hire.
As for CRT? Change your business practices or I’d imagine you’ll get some serious BBB complaints and calls to your state AG. In fact, I read that there were some calls of those sorts on the forums. Not really that surprised.
And I might join those ranks if these calls continue.