Vitamix 5000

Note that the picture itself is of a Turboblend 4500. Older model, but works just as well.
If you’re looking for a blender to help out with your health, this is one bad (eg. cool, rad, awesome, etc) blender. I just got a hold of the Vitamix 5000 due to some family members recommending it as part of a dietary plan to help lose weight. Apparently the name Vitamix has been around for a while and they have amazing customer service (from what I read… more on my experience later).
I will however say that these are the primo of blenders. This is the stuff that restaurants use in their kitchen because of the wide range of variable speed and power. The variable rates go from 11 mph to 240 mph. When cranked on high, you have that 5 horsepower motor spinning that can cream anything in a matter of seconds. This is one of the few blenders that allows you to keep the nutrients of the food in the food without pureeing the ingredients (which removes some of the nutrients). And it’s easy to clean. Put some water in, a few drops of liquid detergent and run on high for thirty seconds. It’s like its own dishwasher. And on top of that it has a seven year warranty.
What I love about this isn’t the blender itself, but the great cookbook that comes with it. It tells you how to make all sorts of great soups, smoothies, drinks, baby food (yes, you can imaging the savings here if you have a newborn) and much more.
Unfortunately, the primo blender comes at a price. Consider that you use it every day, it’ll still cost you about a dollar and fifteen cents a day. That’s around four hundred and twenty some dollars give or take. Pricey experience, but for your health, you really shouldn’t give in to anything but the best.