US Chief of Copyright doesn’t even own a computer

copyrightoffice.jpg I thought this was incorrect, but it boggles the mind hat it’s what the article in CNET says. Marybeth Peters, the chief of the U.S. Copyright Office is a self-proclaimed luddite and doesn’t own a computer.

“It does bring attention to certain activities that maybe aren’t so great,” said the self-proclaimed “Luddite,” who confessed she doesn’t even have a computer at home. “In hindsight, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.”

This is plainly scary. It’s like having an Latin professor teach electronics and try to tell you what a race condition means. If anything, there sounds like there’s a serious problem with qualification in my personal opinion.
Why? Well, DMCA (of which she is speaking of in the article) talks about copyright dealing with…. go figure… computers. Just understanding the copyright doesn’t mean that you actually understand it, just like a motorcycle mechanic doesn’t necessarily know how to race a motorcycle. From a standpoint of a technology user, I find this as a gregarious error and one has to wonder if it’s not politically motivated. Why can’t governmental offices work like the GAO? Can you have a househusband make crème brûlée better than a dessert chef? Sure. But the odds aren’t in his favor.