Should US troops in Iraq really be withdrawn?

180px-David_H._Petraeus_press_briefing_2007.jpg Disclaimer: These are just my fancy thoughts and muses on Iraq War. Due to the fact that it’s politics and I despise debating facts and points of this type of genre with people since they’re usually hostile, I won’t be answering comments below. Take the piece as you will.
I’m torn. For a while I was all up for the any type of troop withdrawal in Iraq. I find that regardless of what our government and more conservatives say about the war on terrorism, I don’t find Iraq to be the center of terrorism, nor do I find that terrorists would really care for Iraq. People that think that we’re keeping terrorists over there with the Iraq war are naive. I mean seriously… if you were a Muslim extremist, would you be hanging out trying to duke it out with the US military? I sure wouldn’t. I’d be sitting in a cave somewhere, which is what Osama bin Laden is doing. I find that the war in Iraq was basically degraded down to the basics. It’s a war among religious factions. Civil war? Definitely.
But this piece isn’t to contend why we’re there. We are. So be it. But am I for the troop withdrawal bits at a time as the recommendation by General Patraeus? I’m not so certain. Here’s why. The troop surge proved to be useful in accounting for less attacks. Obviously right? The more arms you put in an area, the less likely that turf is going to get taken. It’s like a gang war. Or for those that don’t understand that analogy, it’s like the game Risk. But if as we start pulling troops away, of course the families and the troops withdrawn will be happy…. but you leave your buddies overseas with one less gun, one less reinforcement. It’s like leaving someone to fight with their pants down. Strength in numbers, right?
So, I’d be curious as to know if those that are overseas would want their buddies to leave. My overall opinion is that if we withdraw, we do a massive withdrawal within a month. Either that or shift into an all-out strike. It’s not like we haven’t already wasted billions of dollars (and where the money is going is another story to wonder about). We might as well just pick a side, hit hard, and then hand over the keys to the house. Unfortunately, too much of this has been bureaucrats watching their own careers and covering themselves instead of thinking about the bigger picture for the well-being of American troops.