Sales tax craziness

Recently purchased something online and they broke out the sales tax to state and county. Did you know there was a county sales tax? For items (non-real estate or vehicles).
I sure didn’t. So when I got hit by the break out, while purchasing something online, I was like: “What the…. What is this Forsyth County sales tax? Grrr..”
After several calls where both the county and city levels never heard of such thing, I was referred to the Department of Revenue (state level). Go figure that the sales tax that you pay on your receipt is a combination of both state and county level sales tax. Most vendors just don’t break it down for you. Forsyth County happens to be 2.5%.
Crazy isn’t it. I never knew about the break down. Apparently some people at the county and city level didn’t either. Good thing to know.