Reputation of a business: The deadliness of subcontractors

I absolutely despise businesses that don’t do some reputation and/or background checks of their subcontractors. There is a certain developer in the Triad that happens to not notify you when they’re going to rip up your lawn, to put water mains across the street to the new house they’re building. Yes, you just come home to your lawn torn up. This was after you paid extra for landscaping for the house. When approached about this… ” oh, that’s a problem of the subcontractors.” Uhh.. no.
As the overseeing company, you take on responsibility of what your subcontractors do.
This enterprise happens to be one of the larger developers in the Triad also which makes me even more twerked. Larger entities shouldn’t be pulling this kind of bull. Forsyth County has a strict noise ordinance where you cannot have loud noise between 11:00PM and 7:30AM. Go figure who was banging at 7 friggin’ AM on a Saturday? We also won’t go into the perhaps questionable status of workers out doing the banging.
Ties tremendously well with the whole telemarketing annoyance I wrote about yesterday with Wells Fargo. Apparently the idea is that if you subcontract out your work, then the responsibility doesn’t lie in your hands anymore.
Sorry, but it doesn’t quite work like that. For instance, if there is a lawsuit that happens, it’s on the overseeing company of the subcontractors. The reputation of the subcontractor can severely tarnish the overseer. The work ethics of the lower body can effect the appearance of the upper body. Simple logic and consumer practice.
So if you happen to be thinking… hey, I can just switch subcontractors in/out all day long and outsource my workload, think again. With whom are you developing this relationship with? And will it effect your future standing? Because I can tell you right now that it will in the consumer’s eyes. They don’t care if you’re subcontracting out and nor should they care. In the end when selling a product, consumer confidence rules all and is not something that should be taken lightly.