Poor Vonage..

vonage001.jpg Disclaimer: I don’t own Vonage stock, but I am a Vonage customer for both residential and business.
Poor Vonage.
Being racked with patent violations and having to pay telephone patents really sucks. The fact that jurors handed over a 5% revenue stream to Sprint-Nextel alongside a $69.5 million judgment will put Vonage in the hole I’m sure. That was after Verizon got awarded a 5.5% royalties and $58 million judgment.


Stocks wise, the company is just going downhill since its IPO at $17. It’s really sad, since I believe in this company and it stands for a lot on fighting businesses that have been giving the screw-over to the consumers for years. Let me put it this way… I switched by business line years ago to Vonage because I went from a local plan on a Bell, that cost me long distance, over a hundred dollars a month when it was all said and done without unlimited calling. Vonage cost me close to sixty dollars a month that gave me an extra fax line and unlimited to anywhere in the United States and Canada.
If that doesn’t say anything, let’s look at it a different way. My residential line went to Vonage also a while back. For about $30 and change, you can get the same unlimited deal for a land line. By comparison, the local cable company wants an extra five dollars more for the same exact service.
What exactly would you do as the consumer? And we’re not even talking to the Bells anymore. Even some friends are holding on for dear life hoping that their lines don’t go dead like my own.
But really…. Vonage is about competition and all about fighting the crap that we have to deal with as consumers. Why should we put up with this? Why should anyone? People should support Vonage based on three things.
  1. Service. Vonage has never let me down. I want to switch plans? Fine. Commitment? None. Selection? They keep coming out with some new features that I’m pretty impressed with.
  2. Reliability. Pretty much have no issues with service. Once in a while, but then again, that’s what my mobile is for to fill in the blanks.
  3. They stick it to the man. In this case, the Bells and the cable corporations. Why should we the consumer pay more for same service? Why?

Obviously, investors don’t agree since they don’t use the product. Too bad too. I’m hoping that if Vonage goes under, they hand their business over to someone like Packet8 to continue the fight. I for one, do not wish to change services ever unless those three things change. Vonage has shown me a way where I can escape without having to pay for some awful service for something that relies on the same technology.
Alas… poor Vonage. I hope you stay afloat.