NSA tasked with protecting government infrastructure

nsa.jpg The NSA (National Security Agency) has been tasked to protect the government’s network infrastructure and work alongside Department of Homeland Security.
Poor NSA. The lead cyber-spooks are getting the shaft in my opinion with bureacrats that are throwing them the problem that they should have solved themselves. Just look at DHS’ record in cyber security. Not an extremely flashy one is it?
I’m sorry to say but this shouldn’t be the NSA’s job at all. They have always been good at what they do, which is surveillance and information gathering. Long ago, there were some people that got recruited into that arm of the government that I knew of. Who knows what they might be doing now. All I know is that they were good at what they did, and they had all of their college paid for, including expenses. NSA is the unseen, unheard. Now they’re running IT work with for DHS? *sigh*
Seriously. DHS? Get off your bums and fix your own issues just like every other agency has to fix their own. Diluting the workforce at NSA doesn’t really help homeland security at all in my personal opinion when the problem isn’t theirs to solve, it’s been yours for going on six years and I’m still not sure where all the budgeted money has been going. Well, I have an inkling of suspicion that the cost of Excel and Powerpoint slides about how you guys were going to fix it was on the rise.