Movie Review: Vacancy

I’ll get right to the point. I thought Vacancy [affiliate] was a slight disappointment.
It wasn’t the fact that it wasn’t a good horror film. The point was to convey that this couple, the Foxes, were having marital issues and were in the middle of a divorce but then suddenly their problems grew to survival which made their divorce seem insignificant. Their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere but little do they know that they’re about to be part of a motel scheme that has been creating snuff films for some time.
Now the plot of the movie and the actual horror of being chased by madmen who were watching your every move was simple but effective. David Fox (Luke Wilson) gave the impression that he was the macho manly man and had to take care of everything. Okay, not so terrible. But his soon-to-be ex-wife, Amy Fox (Kate Beckinsale), was a totally different story. Here’s the thing… she cried and whined a little too much. The fact that the closed captioned actually wrote [Whimper] was pretty bad. Realistically, the character was just annoying.
She was supposedly this pretty cool character at the beginning, but her shell of a character breaks down during the film. And that’s why I didn’t care for it as much. Every time I saw her, I went… ugh…. here it goes again.
The nice thing about this film? There wasn’t much gore. If any. Horror doesn’t need gore and many current horror flicks are total gorefests. Not this film. All in all, the it wasn’t half bad. Personally though, I thought that Amy Fox needed to be toned down a bit so that the audience could be totally entrenched in the whole heart-pounding, what’s next type of atmosphere that came with the film.