Movie Review: Blades of Glory

This figure skating comedy is one hilarious movie. It’s a little crude so if you’re looking for something for kids, I’d probably be careful with this one. Chazz Michaels Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) are totally different ends of the spectrum when it came to men’s competitive figure skating. One was a sex symbol and very male side of things, while the other is very … well, girly. After getting in a fight while being tied for gold and being banned for life from singles male skating, the two overlook their differences to compete in pairs skating.
The whole movie has actual skating stars making cameos and plays creates parodies of things such as The Cutting Edge. It also made cracks at different types of skating incidents including Tonya Harding’s ban from skating and the incident with Nancy Kerrigan.
Was laughing from the beginning to the end, although there were definitely jokes that I thought were somewhat inappropriate for children. A movie that I thought I would actually dislike, happened to be pretty good and I was glad that I rented Blades of Glory (Widescreen Edition) [affiliate].