Movie Review: 300

Frank Miller’s 300 (Two-Disc Special Edition) [afflilate] was just as good as all the critics said it was.
This movie was a adaptation of graphic novel by Frank Miller. Historically, it is a story of the Battle of Thermopylae. What was interesting about this movie is how they portrayed the Persian Empire. There was definitely director’s privilege when you saw the different types of beasts and freaks that were part of Xerxes’ armies. One of my favorites as actually the battle scenes and the costumes of the Immortals.
Historically, this was definitely one of those battles that makes you very impressed at the battle strategies of the king of Sparta. It was one of the few strategies that someone that thought it out beforehand could drive fright into another’s armies due to the mere fact that the other side was trying to brute force their way in. Funny how that is.
The other great thing that I loved about this movie was the gold tint that was placed on the movie. It gave it a surreal comic book like look, but it just made it that much more fascinating. Definitely one of those movies that will be going into the movie collection at some point.