Linotype FontExplorer X

linotypefontexplorerx.jpg FontExplorer X is a free font manager for both Windows and MacOSX that allows you to install fonts, sort fonts, search them, and discover new fonts…. even shop for them. All from the comfort of your little font manager. You can organize all of your fonts just like you can with say… your music in iTunes. It’s basically similar to iTunes but with fonts, where you can set up and only see the italic fonts, or keyworded if you’re looking for all of your Helvetica fonts.
Another interesting thing is that you can actually manage what applications have access to certain fonts. So you won’t have to have Word have access to your web design fonts and vice versa. The features are pretty much all there and you can’t complain since it’s all free. Very nice tool for font management and buying if you’re in need of fonts like the rest of the design community. Never fear again that you’re not using something that you don’t have a legal right to since like iTunes… you buy what you need.