Laughing in the Wind (笑傲江湖)

Laughing in the Wind (笑傲江湖) is based on the novel, “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer” by Jinyong. This wuxia storyline consists of Linghu Chong (Li Ya Peng) whom is the senior student of the Hua Shang Sect. The story itself surrounds his life story and those that were in search for a sword manuscript, the Bixie Sword Manual, that was supposed to teach a powerful sword style that would give you the speed of a god but at a terrible price.
While this is not the only adaptation of the novel, but the latest, it is by far one of the best ones that I’ve seen of the story. Most of Jinyong’s novels are superb and creating the storyline to go along with it is very difficult, but it seems like Laughing in the Wind definitely is one of those that actually fit the bill. There is subtitling in Chinese on the bottom, and is done in Mandarin. Definitely worth watching and collecting if you’re looking for wuxia type television series and know of the famed novelist Jinyong.
There are 40 episodes and running time is 2000 minutes.