How to automatically ftp files with Windows

IntelliAdmin has a great howto on creating a script to automatically ftp files from your Windows computer to a ftp server elsewhere. What’s interesting is that it’s pretty much like a bash script for ftp access, but even more simplified.
What you do is you create a text file with Notepad that opens a ftp site and gives it a admin and password. Then you just input ftp commands. So for instance, if you had a file called C:\temp\temp.txt and you needed to put it on server with user beta and password theta, then you would make a text file as such:

put C:\temp\temp.txt

And save it as a text file (example.txt for example). Then you can schedule it to go by doing:

ftp -s:example.txt

Pretty neat if you ask me. It’s like automation for a *nix based environment, but done through simple CLI for Windows. Now if only the rest of the CLI was as powerful in Windows, then it would a bit more useful. In any case, this is definitely a neat trick to get things done quickly and automated without fancy pants third party stuff going on.