Head of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration didn’t know how to install carseat

NHTSA.jpg Scary. Another head of a governmental agency doesn’t know something about the exact thing that your agency is known to police. I had previously written about the head of the Copyright Office being a DMCA supporter but not owning a computer. Now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These are some seriously frightening things in my opinion.
Nicole Nasson, the head of the NHTSA, didn’t know how to install a child’s carseat and took a three day course on it. What’s interesting here is that Nasson’s background isn’t even in safety. Far from it. It looks like most of her expertise has been in congressional affairs, and governmental affairs. Also sports a JD (surprise surprise).
This just goes to show that if those that are running the regulations don’t even know how to do things that their agencies are regulating, then how are regular citizens supposed to feel safe and comforted by the knowledge that the “people that are supposed to know” don’t? On a similar parallel, this also falls straight in line with what I’ve been saying for years. Senior management of corporations need to know something about the products they make instead of thinking it’s just a “management” thing. Numbers might be numbers, but if you want to build trust with the consumer, you have to actually know what you’re talking about instead of coming out of left field. Consumers and citizens alike can smell that BS a mile away.
Frightens me anyways.