gsplit.jpg Need to split a large file into multiple smaller ones? No problem. GSplit is your answer. GSplit can do what most file splitters can do… split a large file into multiple tinier ones. In a nice GUI interface, it can store the properties of the files, create disk-span or blocked files, split massive files ( > 4GB), create self-uniting files, and set up profiles and settings for splitting different types of files so that you can have the most optimal solution for different types of files.
That’s crazy isn’t it. But that’s not all. Included is your usual timers, and other types of GUI type interfacing that makes file splitting a breeze.

You want to batch split?
No problem.
Command line interface? Piece of cake.
Customize your disk space so that there are custom headers, or space available for other things? Who are you kidding?
GSplit can do it all. GSplit is freeware that is supported on all Windows platforms.