free pascal: open source compiler for pascal and object pascal

freepascal.jpg It has literally been more than a decade since I’ve touched Pascal. Yet, it’s always going to play a nostalgic part in my life. This was the first more powerful language that I had played with since Basic and had written many a game and such with it. Gotta love the easy logic of Pascal.
What’s interesting is that free pascal is an open source 32bit and 64bit professional compiler. This means that it can compile on both types of architectures and support numerous platforms, from the Motorola 680×0 to your usual Windows, Mac, linux, bsd. It even supports some more non-standard platforms like DOS, and MorphOS. Crazy. The latest version even has support for Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS.
Don’t have anymore of my old Turbo Pascal code anymore, but for those that are learning a language but don’t want the hassle of learning objects to start, procedural programming through Pascal isn’t a bad way to begin, even if the language is a bit dated in my opinion.