drv_screen1.jpg Flip4Mac is famous for their WMV components for Quicktime. This allows you to watch Windows Media files on with Quicktime. But there’s also this lesser known product called Drive-In. Tremendously useful and it’s in beta until January of 2008, this application allows you to put images of your DVDs onto your hard drive in MacOSX.
Now for anyone that travels a lot, you know that even a tremendous battery conservationist, a spinning disc drive will always consume more power than your hard drive. So that’s what it does. It creates an image of the DVD direct. While I can see many uses that are unethical with this tool, I have found that it was a pleasure to take some of my chinese television box sets with me on trips to watch during long flights.
Like said above, this is a beta and thus only free while in the beta stage. But from testing the application for a bit now, it’s definitely worth your purchase if you are often in situations where you need to hold images of DVDs instead of using the DVD itself. And while thinking about it…. you can’t transfer images unless the application itself is registered on other computers also as to prevent easy piracy of the images themselves. Definitely one of those super useful tools that I personally have been looking forward to buying.