Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco performance was spectacular!

saltimbanco.jpg Caught a show of Saltimbanco, Cirque du Soleil’s arena show that was touring and happened to pass through Greensboro.
Not a stranger to Vegas type shows, but the first of many more Cirque du Soleil ones, I have to say that I was rather amazed that the arena show was worth every penny of the sixty five dollar tickets. The show itself was not lacking at all compared to its bigger siblings and I was thoroughly amazed not by the acrobatics which you come to expect….
I was amazed by the amount of choreography that went into the whole production. The arena show includes live music and singing which is something you rarely find from acrobatic type shows. It was also interesting that while you’re watching those that are flying through the air without cables (there were a few acts that required cabling), the performers below were not only dancing and twirling, but they were also paying attention to the main act to catch their comrades since they were actually the safety. That in itself was amazing.
The acts themselves were just as the website dictated but my favorite was probably the Duo Trapeze. What was interesting was that these two blondes were high above the arena floor, swinging and doing a choreographed dance while swinging away and then one would slip down the others legs and be held only by the ankles. Note that I didn’t say holding onto the ankles…. The girl above was literally holding the other girl with her ankles. That’s some shear muscle tone and power and you knew that you were watching professionals at work. Absolutely brilliant. Also interesting was the fact that wires were not used for practically the whole performance except for tricks that usually required the performer to leap without much of a safety at all.
Another amazing thing? There were actual errors in some of the tricks (which is to be expected) but the improvisation proved that only professionals could pull off such a feat without anyone in the audience to notice. The juggling act was one where the guy’s hands were so fast, if you blinked you would have missed that one of the balls hit his chest. He grabbed it and put it back into the array of swirling balls. There was another time where two balls bounced off and he continued on with the act while the two of the four performers below him danced away to retrieve the bouncing balls. Would never have known that it wasn’t part of the performance though.
The show itself was two and a half hours where twenty minutes of it was an intermission. It took about half the Greensboro Coliseum, where the other half was a staging area.
Parking wise was a nightmare since the Coliseum also had the Central Carolina Fair in the parking lot so it was tough to get in and out. There were no good signs that pointed to where you could get into the main Coliseum parking lot, so it was a good thing that I’ve been there before and knew that the entrance was around the back of Lee St. Only seven dollars to park there which was a steal considering that people were parking across Lee for five and you would probably get yourself killed trying to cross on a Saturday night.
Saltimbanco definitely proved to be a delightful evening experience and I am looking forward to attending more Cirque du Soleil shows in the future.