Border Patrol recruitment issues could be solved by veterans?

dhs.jpg Two weeks ago, I saw on CNN how much it cost to train Border Patrol and how the State Department had sanctioned a contractor, DynCorp, to recruit people to train patrols in Iraq. Apparently they were robbing from Peter to pay Paul and just making a mess of everything.
Here’s my question in it all. Why isn’t the Border Patrol hitting up discharged veterans coming from Iraq? The reasoning is simple. If it costs approximately $130+ thousand USD to train a Border Patrol, then you have to account for some savings already due to the fact that these veterans have already seen combat. Less work, more pay off. What’s more is that many of these discharged veterans usually seek out jobs as police officers and security contractors. What better way than to recruit them right out of the military? You would think that there would not only be a training savings there, but you would be able to do exactly what DynCorp is doing but taking those that are being reintroduced into civilian life and give them a great job working for the government.
Sounds like a sound idea to me. At least on paper. Wish someone would actually act on it though.