$60 Office 2007 Ultimate Edition for Students Ends 4/30

Microsoft Are you in currently college? Have a valid working collegiate e-mail? These are needed to purchase Office 2007 Ultimate Edition for $59.95. Microsoft has released a press release and is trying to promote the Office suite to students. This price beats out the usual Academic Edition, so definitely go and get this if you are able to do so.
The offer ends April 30, 2008. Interestingly enough, they’re probably targeting college students due to the fact that there’s been not only great open source contenders, but Google’s online office suite really isn’t that shabby to perform the same functionality. On top of that, college students are probably the number one source of piracy. The Ultimate Edition does include OneNote which apparently is one of the best note taking applications for tablet PCs which are finally starting to pick up a little as far as market share as the hardware to develop them gets to be a bit less expensive.