Xitami web server

xitami3.gif Wow. This open source product brings back memories of yesteryear. The Xitami web server is something that I ran across back when Mosaic was the premiere browser of choice and Netscape was up and coming (yes, this was back when Firefox was but a mere thought trapped in the minds of some of those at Netscape). Even before Netscape Communicator… there was Xitami. And it’s still around! Xitami is written by iMatix, who does open source applications and consulting with some of the biggest firms in the world. Xitami (yes, it’s backwards of iMatix), was one of the smallest footprint web servers you could find that had a graphical interface back in the day, and it’s still remains one of the few that has this. The nice thing was that you didn’t need no stinkin’ IIS to run a web server on a Windows box.
Ahh… those were the days. But if you still need a small footprint web server, and for whatever reason, you just don’t care for Apache… give this a shot. It was definitely pretty easy to setup and it has a lot of history so you know that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.