Worries at ConvergeSouth? Nah.

convergesouth.jpg Third annual ConvergeSouth will have its keynote speaker as Jason Calacanis.
Good thing that we’re no Gnomedex. In fact, the whole idea of the voice of the back channel against professional marketer thing is on a rampage. Well, maybe not that so much, but there’s definitely a lot of talk.
So my take on it? Panels and speakers at CS are deemed session leaders. You intro a little into something, and the crowd moves the conversation. It’s not a Q&A, and I’m pretty sure that Jason understands that. Even for the keynote speaker. The whole thing is more of a small introduction and a giant talking piece between the people in the audience. The speaker is just the host that moves conversation along (yes, think daytime television).
So will Jason pitch Mahalo? I’d imagine so. I truly hope it doesn’t become the Calacanis-Winer-Gnomedex (Calwindex) fiasco even though both are being fairly transparent about the whole thing. If the audience doesn’t want to hear about Mahalo, and move the conversation away, then the speaker should just ride the waves. And being an entrepeneur, I know how tough it is to just get the word of your product out there. But when it comes down to it, marketing is a right time right place thing. Kind of like fishing. You throw out the bait, and if no one bites, you move to the next fishing hole.
So would I be worried about the whole challenging of speakers if someone in the audience is voicing the opinion of the back channel? Never. ConvergeSouth was built around it.