Those dang spammers at IconBuffet

iconbuffetlogo.jpg The gloves are off. It’s not funny anymore. Really sick and tired of getting these stupid emails because someone couldn’t actually test their own code, actually. And I had all but sworn I wouldn’t use the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch™ again. I’m sorry. It must be done.
What’s amusing is that they’re basically laughing it up in the face of the FTC. CAN-SPAM? What enforcement? At least that’s what their silence to the matter seems like.
Four words for the people at IconBuffet: FIX YOUR STUPID CODE.
So what brought on this reaction?

Annoying enough to get the spam email that most hardcore email people get on a daily basis. On top of that, there’s the fun 419 scammers, and all sorts of other things you have to wade through. So the less annoying legitimate site emails, the better. But yet, what was this? This again? You have got to be joking. Another email from IconBuffet.
iconbuffet001b.jpg What the heck? Are you serious? Again? I mean what exactly doesn’t make any sense when you break a federal Act? But no matter… benefit of the doubt still had to be given even with the previous incidences.
So again with the ballet of incompetence. What’s interesting is that it’s not my place to notify them of compliance with CAN-SPAM or is it my place to test it for them. The compliance is their responsibility to comply by. But in the end, you still have to make sure that you’re not placing the blame on the wrong party.
So I do what anyone would anyone starting off on a tedious useless journey would do.
I ate lunch.
Then I opened a window to IconBuffet, muttering nonsensical … well, mutters.
My tired fingers pushed the keys like Atlas carrying the weight of the world. I…C…O…N….B……
I hit the enter key and the world spun as the site flashed across the screen.
The mouse moved towards the Account link like a freight train barreling down the track.
Moments pass and I catch a fleeting sight of:
iconbuffet002b.jpg Whoa… so the email was right! I did get a IconBuffet Delivery! But the screen changes and it’s my Account page. And it’s like George Foreman came out of retirement, came around the corner and smacked me right in the face with a right hook. The boxes for notification were still all UNMARKED. No way.
No way….
So what’s going on here? They’re still not abiding by CAN-SPAM. I now have two instances where they were not abiding by it. Two violations. Each up to $11,000 in potential fines. I just don’t know how much IconBuffet makes, but at a maximum of $22,000 in CAN-SPAM fines from just my own account, I wonder how much those VIP accounts are really worth. Probably not enough to cover the maximum in fines. Oh well. Looks like the saga will continue.