Tachikara VB7500 Outdoor Volleyball

Tachikara is one of those brands in volleyball that you should know. Definitely. Before Wilson took over the AVP, Tachikara ruled both sand and court. Nowadays, it’s still the ball that is used inside the most.
I bought this ball a bit ago since during the summer, there’s a lot of sand court action going on. The differences between leather and synthetic (Wilson AVP ball) is pretty apparent. The leather is softer and sticks a lot more to the grip. This means that you can do some really mean spins on the ball, where you couldn’t with the synthetic. Believe me when I say that sometimes, those spins are all you can put on the ball against those power hitters.
If you’re looking for a different type of competition ball, and don’t care that it’s non-AVP, this Tachikara VB7500 Cordley┬« Composite Leather Stitched Outdoor Volleyball [affiliate] will definitely not let you down. It’s just one of those brands.