Tachikara SV-5WSC Indoor Volleyball

Tachikara is king when it comes to indoor courts. They’ve been the brand that pretty much everyone uses since who knows when. While I haven’t had a chance to break in my new Tachikara SV5WSC Sensi-Tec Composite High Performance Volleyball [affiliate], I have in the past owned two to three Tachikara indoors and have never been dissatisfied with the way they played. The leather that they use on their high end balls makes it super soft for setting but when you want to serve or power hit, the grip on it allows you to put really mean spins on it. This means that the game itself can be very quick and fast without a lot of injury due to the quality of the leather.
From a personal perspective, I bought the teal, white, and black one since the colors suited me a lot better than the two-toned and the distinct color scheme not only is easy to pick out my particular ball, but it doesn’t fade into the fluorescent lights when someone lobs the ball high up. You wouldn’t think that it makes a big deal, but when you lose the ball in the lights, it’s no different than outdoor play where someone puts it high up so you lose the ball in the sun.