specto.png Interestingly enough, there really isn’t something like Growl for any other operating system. But linux does have something slightly similar called Specto. What Specto does is, it keeps tabs on websites, rss feeds, mail, and other forms of web based interactive type things and then does a pop-up whenever there is an update. In this fashion, if you have fifty plus tabs up in your Firefox, you don’t have to scroll through all of them to see what was updated.
And that my friend, is very useful. Especially in the land of efficiency. And while scrolling through fifty or so tabs a day isn’t necessarily that bad, it’s pretty tedious. This takes care of doing that. Yaye! Although, I’d hate to see it tied to a blog aggregator or reader. Geez…. pings every single minute would get on my nerves for sure.
Lifehacker < Specto