Shedko sShutdown

sshutdown.jpg Shedko sShutdown is another free utility. This basically makes it so that you can skin your shutdown dialog boxes without editing system files. This is done by intercepting the shutdown commands and hooking directly into the “Turn off” dialog. Thus, you can skin Windows shutdown with whatever you would like to use, without actually effecting system files and thus potentially causing something really really really bad to happen where you would need to reinstall or repair Windows.
This is definitely useful. Too bad this idea couldn’t be taken a bit further to overlay another type of GUI interface on top of Windows. It would definitely be interesting with intercepting Windows GUI calls itself and changing out the GUI completely without breaking the current GUI. There are a couple of windows managers for Windows that do something similar, but nothing quite like the way sShutdown is set up. Conceptually, it would definitely be very interesting to see since you could basically set up Windows similar to the way Linux does their windows managers then. Alas, one can only dream.