Shedko Bulba 2006

shedko_bulba.jpg Shedko Bulba 2006 is a free application for Windows …. that predicts light bulb intensity!
Just kidding. Actually, it’s this really useful system information tool that can tell you what devices and drivers you have connected up to your Windows box, and also tell you the things that usually you need to pull up multiple different windows for such as Device Manager, and System Information. Most of this information can be seen from different sources in Windows already, but it’s not in one single area to actually be useful as “system information utilities” should be. It will also tell you a lot of other things such as your BIOS, motherboard, processor, and other types of information that you would need third party system information software to gain since most of the general tools don’t go into much detail.
Did I mention it was free? Yes… yes I did.