Revo Uninstaller

revo_box.jpg For Windows, there’s never a good way to keep a system clean. You’re always set to scratch install the system every six to twelve months due to slowing down of the system as your file system grows larger and larger from all these garbage files that are left when you uninstall an application. But the question is…. why are these files left? Registry entries? Why aren’t they cleaned up?
With Revo Uninstaller, you no longer have to worry about those extraneous system files and registry entries. It can hunt down those files and whip them into submitting to your Recycle Bin. Easy to use, and definitely one of those missing freeware utilities that everyone was hoping for. If this reminds you of anything on the Mac side, that’s because AppZapper basically follows the same concept for MacOSX. Brilliant. Another way to prolong those tedious re-scratching Windows for just a little bit more.
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