Racism at its finest

Disclaimer: Don’t read further for this post if you’re not comfortable with some slightly derogatory terminology.
It’s interesting when you take a look at racism. Especially when it’s targeted towards your own. Recently, I’ve been participating a little bit more on the side of more my culture and society. What’s interesting is that I ran across another site that screamed of racism…. towards Asians by Asians.
There are some things that you can overlook, but when terms such as “white lover” and “whorientals” are used, you really can sit there with your mouth open and gawk. What was tremendously amusing was the hypocrisy of it all. I mean, it’s was an Asian-love-Asian type of site, but everything else was just wrong. It screamed of so-called pride, but yet, it was written in… hmm… what language?
Go figure that one out. It was laughably amusing to me since in college, I found similar types of groups while participating in CSA. There were certain Asian cliques that had hand signs and all this talk about “AP” (Asian Pride). What was funny about these people was the fact that they wore jade protection charms, but had no clue what they were for. They talked of pride, yet they spoke only English and knew nothing about their own culture, background, or heritage. This site happens to run in the same vein.
Akrypti at 8 Asians, speaks of unity, but it’s difficult to unite when there’s talk like this. As a realist, I find it very difficult to stand by and say “All for one, and one for all.” The world isn’t all bright eyed and bushy tailed and I personally haven’t had that type of idealism in a long long time now. Racism at its worst is when your own attack … well, your own. That’s pretty bad.
So what does it say about those people that apparently were fighting for Asian rights and so on so forth? They’re discredited and bring down the rest of our reputation. All it takes is that one rotten apple to spoil a bushel eh?