Open letter to IconBuffet… quit spamming me

iconbuffetlogo.jpg Ahh. IconBuffet. Once, this was one of my favorite spots to check out the latest icons. Developed by Josh Williams, the same guy behind Firewheel Designs, it screamed of greatness where the sharing of icons was the epitomy of iconic goodness.
No more though. Not for me at least. I finally had it with the really bad code that operates their latest version of the site. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great. But I’m not one to play social networking bunny with icons and to each their own. Obviously many VIPs took offense to sarcastic view of the network where it became a battle of the egos several months ago. It was actually more of a one-sided war being fought by IconBuffet defenders since the events that were laid out were pretty disturbing coming from what was supposed to be a “social network”. But I digress.
The real disturbing issue? At least to me? They spam you. And I have screenshots to prove it.

It all starts with the email. When you first sign up to IconBuffet, you are asked to sign up to a mailing list to gain their Deliveries. Deliveries are icon sets that are sent by their “chefs” and are free to you. You trade them (these days there’s a point system but it used to be direct trading of icon sets). You are notified via email about free deliveries. But sometime ago, I got sick of getting emails that I didn’t want all the time, so I disabled the setting for it to send me anything. Yes, I don’t want notification of free icon sets anymore! So what do I get? Uhmm… an email. iconbuffet001.jpg What the…. so I figure it’s a fluke and delete the email. Some time goes by again, and then… BAM! just like one of those old Adam West “Batman” TV series intros. Another email from IconBuffet, and apparently Mr. Chef guy has sent me another free Delivery. Uhh….. maybe this time it was a fluke on the side of the emailer and there really wasn’t a free Delivery. I really didn’t care to know about it before and I know I had set it to not send me any notifications. In fact, I know that there’s a spot to uncheck specifically for that purpose in your Account profile. Nonetheless, I was slightly peeved, and second guessed myself, ever giving the staff at IconBuffet the benefit of the doubt, even though I knew better.
iconbuffet002.jpg So I login to my account. Blam… you’re faced with the inevitable. Obviously there was a FREE DELIVERY! OMG! The rage starts to build…. okay, maybe that was hunger from not eating lunch… but there I go again on a tangent. So obviously seeing that I did in fact get an email about a FREE DELIVERY, and right there after you login, there it says that the chef sent me a FREE DELIVERY… then there’s no stopping the fact that there was a FREE DELIVERY…. right? So what’s the deal? Did I seriously forget to uncheck the check box? Was I really being guided by the devil to call foul against the minions of Iconic light? Alas… I was torn.
What should I do? So at last I hesitantly clicked on the one that could save me. The one link that would say if I was forever damned or if I was righteous in my quest for the truth. I clicked. The fateful click.
Yes. It was the Account link.
iconbuffet003.jpg And I clicked it. Lo and behold! The little “Email me when I’m sent a Delivery” box was unchecked. As I had suspected all along! I forgave myself immediately for being the Doubting Thomas and felt as refreshed as one would have if one took an Irish Spring™ shower.
So IconBuffet, here’s the public service announcement. Obviously between the first email and this one, you plainly missed the 10 business days to stop sending to a requestor’s email address. No big deal. But please fix your code so that I don’t have to see your stupid Delivery messages anymore. No offense, but some people really just get too much email to deal with that jazz. I hear that each violation can carry a fine up to $11,000. But don’t take my word for it. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth.
And truthfully, I just really don’t feel like getting out the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch™ again.