Notepad++ Portable

notepadpp_portable_small.png Notepad++ Portable is like Notepad from Windows, but better. The reason being: it can do autocompletion, syntax highlighting, allow drag and drop, and work on multiple documents at a time. It can even handle macro recording and playback. But you know what feature I seriously love?
Brace guidelines. This is one of the easiest syntax errors in coding when you’re doing multiple nested conditionals and what not, and without guides, you can really have a seriously fun time debugging your code due to forgetting to close or open a curly brace. But with guides, you don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff! It’s definitely worthwhile without having to have a full-scale IDE around.
Last of all, this is a portable app. This means that you can dump it on a USB key drive and go. No need to worry about configurations and preferences since everything is stored right there on the drive itself. Always good to have something you can take with you. Love those open source applications for Windows.
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