Netflix brings you human reps instead of trying to hide them

netflix.jpg Disclaimer: I hold some shares of this fabu company.
This company shares in the same school of thought that I partake in. Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) has bucked convention for a different way of doing customer service. Getting closer to the customer. They have put in a call center in Portland, Oregon because “it thought that Oregonians would present a friendlier voice to its customers.
This scenario tells you something that I’ve been saying all along. The road to long term relationships with customers is through your relationship. If your relationship fails, your reputation fails, and along with it, your profit margin. It’s worth the extra bit of money in not taking the cheaper step, but instead… building that relationship. Even for my company currently, you can ask any of our clients about our reputation. We don’t screw around with this ever, nor do we underbid or produce less than the best. For us, it’s all we have. Do or die. For Netflix, it’s all about doing business the right way, the way small businesses have always had the advantage on big business. So if big business could do the same, they can retain many more customers.
It also means Netflix has it figured out. They understood that their business was based purely on their relationship with their customers and that it would make people happier to actually hear a native English speaking voice instead of a computerized one or outsourced to another country. Higher expenses be damned if you can retain the relationships for longer due to good customer service. Call it a long term investment. Like putting your money into a CD instead of the short gains of a high yield savings account.
Good for Netflix.